Monday, January 31, 2011

Jack Boards & Classic Who Manip

Here are some storyboards I finally got around to laying out for my animation from a while back. On that note- I'm getting together my animated short from the summer, having only recently scanned all the drawings. So watch out for that in the near future!

I also have at least two more sets of storyboards to make in the next week or so: One is for a friend who wrote a script for a bubble gum company, and the other is for my 3D animation short. So those are on their way as well!
And here's a small manip I made over the weekend after having the sudden urge to watch good old retro SciFi. (Read: Tom Baker's era of Doctor Who.) There's something utterly endearing about him. It's a shame the quality of the episodes/photos are such low quality. What did we do before HD cameras...

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