Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Have you met miss Smith? She's my best friend.

Via Blogtor Who:

"It is with great sadness and unbearable sorrow that this post even exists.

Elisabeth Sladen, the world's favourite Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith, has died at the age of 63. Her first appearance came in 1973's The Time Warrior alongside Jon Pertwee and carried on until 1976's The Hand of Fear with Tom Baker. Sladen would return to the role in the first Who spin-off K9 & Company (1981) and again in the 1983 special The Five Doctors.

Sarah Jane's popularity, a testament to Sladen's wonderful performances, continued into the new series with her return in 2006's School Reunion alongside David Tennant. This would lead to her own show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, which has so far spawned four complete series (a fifth being already partly filmed) whilst also starring in both the Doctor Who Series 4 finale and The End of Time Part 2."

I loved watching the classic series - it's cheesy, and the FX are side splitters, but it's fantastic in its own way. She and Tom had such great chemistry, and I was sad when I reached the point where she left the show. Sarah Jane was so great, breaking the mold of Mary Sue's and being awesome and amazing.

I could hardly believe when I heard the news. She will be missed.


  1. Sarah-Jane Smith is amazing! Liz Sladen died before I started watching Doctor Who (I can't believe I went 14 years without that show!), but I am still really sad that she is gone. Thank you for making this.

  2. No problem, thanks for the lovely comment! Liz was definitely a stellar actress, paving the way for stronger female roles on the show, and is sorely missed.