Sunday, September 4, 2011

Plaid Selfie

There comes a day when one realizes the amount of plaid they have in their closet, and today was that day for me. I finally got around to organizing clothes that had created a mountain on my IKEA comfy chair, and it's almost embarrassing how many plaid tops/tunics I have.

Also in that category of didn't-realize-how-many-I-had: leggings. Goodness, I remember back in the day I thought leggings were "so dumb," and I "wouldn't be caught dead in them." Foot in mouth, guys. Foot. In. Mouth.

I guess this could be categorized as a What I Wore post! While I didn't wear this exact outfit today, I did wear it recently. So it counts in my book. (That, and I haven't done this since March, so I figure I'm due, right?)

Shirt: Forever 21.
Leggings: Von Maur
Shoes: Walmart (Hey, now. Don't judge.)
Belt: Penny's

Hope everyone has a relaxing Labor Day!

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