Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day One

February Daily Draw Challenge!

The Rules:
1. For the month of February, every contestant must draw and post at least one image a day every single day of the month. That's 29 days. Leap year!
2. You can post more than 1 image each day, but they don't 'carry over'. (so if you post 2 drawings on Monday, you still have to post at least one on Tuesday) 
3. You can post sketches, finished art, sculptures, works-in-progress, comic strips, anything, as long as it was done that day.
4. If you miss a day, there isn't TOO much shame in that, but there is HUGE shame (huge!) in posting 'old' sketches as your daily entry. The point of this challenge is to DRAW every day (not merely to post something each day), so the drawings MUST be new. A new stick-man is better than an old masterpiece. 
5. Crappy sketches are infinitely better than no sketches at all!

Day 1: Uncharted! Because I'm kind of obsessed.

(Note: Elana totally gave Nate the clown doll.)

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