Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Wow, my 200th post! And what a post it is.

Things have been rather chaotic and stressful with work as of late - doing both freelance and retail takes a lot out of you - but this past week has been insanely awesome: last Saturday, I saw Stephen Merchant's Hello Ladies tour here in Chicago, and was lucky enough to meet him after the show ended; today was my graduation ceremony; and this coming Friday/Saturday I'm attending a Pixar story/animation seminar. It's all so exciting!

I'm still pinching myself that I was able to see and meet Stephen. He was extremely funny, extremely tall, and extremely kind. His stand up is side-splitting-funny, and I encourage everyone - of the appropriate age - to check it out.

(I totally nerded out and had him sign my Portal game. Favorite possession? Perhaps.)

The ceremony today was also really fun, and I loved seeing everyone again! I've made some great friends while in school, and I wish them all the best of luck moving forward.

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