Sunday, September 16, 2012


It's almost a year to the day that I first played Portal 2.

A dear friend recommended it to me some months prior, and so when I saw it at the library I nonchalantly checked it out. It's hard for me to delve in to new things - especially video games - so when I finally got around to playing I did not, in a million years, expect to get hooked. Even now, when bored/depressed/whatever I pop this game in and voila! All better.

To this day I thank my friend for not spoiling me, because when the end of The Escape rolled around I sat up practically yelling, "Wait, what's going on, what is happening, this isn't right, what is this, WHAT IS GOING ON?"

Yea. I love this game, if it isn't obvious.

(Also: three cheers for female protagonists - and antagonists at that. I know she's mute, and you hardly even see her, but come on. It's pretty rad the "main character" is female, let alone a competent, non eye-candy female.)

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