Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Fashion

The above is the result of me browsing most of the evening. Very inspiring stuff, not only in terms of things to wear but also in terms of color schemes. I love, love, love the metal theme that's popular right now - mixed silver and gold is definitely a weakness of mine.

I could buy out ASOS' fall line at the drop of a hat. Some favorites on my wishlist right now:

01. Black skater skirt - $52.77
02. Heart print pussybow top - $61.57
03. Gold skater dress - $96.75
04. Diamond tank - $61.57
05. Owl sweater - $52.77
06. Leather biker jacket - $175.90
07. Elephant print top - $61.57
08. Sequin playsuit - $79.16

(Yea, so here's to a clearance sale sometime soon?)

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