Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Attempting Adobe Illustrator

I recently signed up for a class over on Skillshare to learn Illustrator. It's being taught by Brad Woodard, and the videos are fantastic. I've only dabbled in Illustrator once or twice and never cared for it, but this class is really changing that.

The assignment was to pick an advertisement to recreate, and the poster I chose follows: 

My work in progress under the jump!

I really love this poster - such an awesome design with lots of crazy shapes and neat textures.
First I blocked in the major components with the pen tool. Since the design is very geometric, I didn't use too many actual shapes, instead opting to manually draw points. 
Then I tweaked the colors a bit to resemble the original more closely. I also added in some squiggle textures and made some minor shape edits. 
More tweaks: finished up shells, added some of the umbrellas, face, guitar details, etc. 
I finished up all the tents and umbrellas, but haven't worked on the text yet as I've yet to have a chance to watch that video. But I did play with textures a bit, which was fun.

I really love seeing other people's work in progresses - how they begin, how things change and morph along the way - and so I tried to screencap my progress at the end of each day I worked on this. I think it was about 11 hours total, which includes coffee breaks, watching the videos, etc. Once I add in the text I'll edit this post to reflect that.


  1. I took one of his illustrator classes, they're great! You did an awesome job with replicating the poster, looks good!

  2. Thank you! :)

    Aren't they great? I really loved the class - I never thought I'd be using Illustrator on a daily basis for work, and lo!