Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Tablet!

First drawing done on my new tablet!

I recently bought an Intuos5 after my five year old Bamboo Fun stylus took a dive off my desk and broke. I needed a tablet pronto for a deadline the following morning, and after calling three Best Buys in the area finally found a tablet in stock. The only model they had was a small, and with the clock ticking I begrudgingly said I'd be there within the hour to pick it up.

And I love it.

After weeks of debating if I wanted a medium or a large, I found myself forced to buy a small. And I must say I am so glad!

It's the perfect size for my desk (which is pretty small to begin with), and even with my 27" screen I've had no problems with the size being inadequate. The touch pad aspect takes a bit of getting used to, though I doubt that will play a big factor in my use anyway. I'm still getting used to the new sensitivity, which can be frustrating at times, but also exciting.

The point is: if you're contemplating buying a tablet, the Intuos5 is awesome. And don't get caught up on small, medium, large, etc. The small one is superb, and doesn't break the bank too much.


  1. Thank you! I was a little annoyed they decided to revamp their line of tablets exactly one week after I bought it, but whatever. I love it.