Friday, November 1, 2013

SkADaMo Day 1

November is a lot of things, including NaNoWriMo and something to do with mustaches (I try not to ask). But now November also has the honor of being SkADaMo, aka Sketch-A-Day-Month.

These kinds of things are so fun and I love the camaraderie it brings about with other artists. I sadly fizzled a bit with Inktober, but I stumbled upon so many talented artists and learned a lot looking at their approaches to inked drawings.

And honestly, sketching is something I don't do enough of, so I really would like to use this month as a means of fleshing out ideas and having fun. Here's to lots more sketching!

(What do you know, another mermaid.)

In other news, my business cards came in today! I was totally surprised when UPS showed up as I just placed the order late Sunday night. Talk about fast. I used GotPrint this time, as opposed to Moo. While I loved the latter, the price tag was a bit steep. And for $30 with shipping, I got 250 cards with matte finish and rounded corners from GotPrint. Hurray for savings.

I'm very excited to have these for CTN. Let me know what you think!


  1. Cool sketch! LOve the cards! Great style!

  2. Thank you! They've been well received thus far, so yay!