Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SkADaMo Day 6

I've been wanting to do a personal project revolving around a known fairy tale for a long, long while. And between my love of Once Upon a Time and seeing various renditions online and in books, I think I've finally settled on Peter Pan! The linked artists are super inspiring, and I'm excited to tackle such a renowned subject.

To top it off, I'm going to genderbend some characters! Because I can. Namely Pan, Hook, and Wendy. As of now I think I'll keep Smee and Tink as they are, though that could change. Lost Boys vs. Lost Girls is still up in the air as well - we shall see!

For this sketch I was trying a different approach, scribbling a sillouette and filling out the character from there. There will be lots more sketches/research to come, but man am I excited for this!


  1. strong looking charachter!!
    very great!

  2. Absolutely love it! I can't wait to see where you go with this!

    ... and Once Upon a Time Captain Hook.... *droooool*

  3. Susi - thanks!

    Heather - YES! Hook in OUAT is so dreamy, ahah.