Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's been swell, 2014.

I know these kind of year-in-review posts get a bit repetitive, but I'll keep it short and sweet.

2014 was a memorable and phenomenal year for me. While there were many lows, the highs shine so bright that I can't help look back with a smile. Highlights include going to Hawaii with my family, C2E2, the freelance job of my dreams, CTNx for the second time, and beginning work at a local studio.

Making the jump from freelancing to studio life was a huge step for me, and while the commute may make me pull my hair out, that's darn near the only thing I can complain about. On a daily basis I find myself surrounded by insanely talented and kind people. I'm constantly inspired to push myself, and couldn't have asked for a better experience.

In terms of art, I was all over the spectrum: fan art, original art, digital, traditional, etc. I published a piece in a zine for the first time ever, completed the entire month of Inktober, was featured in the Artist Spotlight by the SCBWI. It's truly been a wild ride, and I've enjoyed every minute.

Here's to 2015!

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