Friday, May 29, 2015


Haven't done a Sketch_Dailies prompt in eons, and I couldn't resist jumping back on the bandwagon for this one.

For other artist selfies chock full of likes and dislikes, check out the hashtag #MeetTheArtist. It was fun seeing all the different approaches, as well as common likes and dislikes. (Mustard haters, unite!)

Also! As a heads up for fellow Avatar fans: you can now pre-order the upcoming fanzine Children of the Earth! Set to ship the end of July, it's overflowing with works from some inspiring artists. I'm so glad I was able to contribute a small piece, as seeing everyone's previews on twitter and instagram makes me remember why I love this universe so much. A re-watch is definitely in order sometime soon. Outside of production costs, proceeds benefit classroom literacy, so be sure to order your copy!

Outside of the Avatar Zine, I'm working on a few pieces for a vintage arcade themed gallery show at work. It's my first time contributing to a large show like this, so I'm super stoked!

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