Sunday, September 4, 2016

Willy Wonka Show

Today we set up for our annual art show at work, with this year's theme being Willy Wonka. It's one of our most successful licenses, and as such we dedicated our gallery space to pieces inspired by the film. It's a bit of a shocker that Gene Wilder passed away recently, so that makes the show all the more endearing. 

I'm not the biggest Willy Wonka fan, so it took me a long while to get started. As in, the days leading up to the turn-in date. But in the end I did managed to complete a few pieces, one of which being pencil sketches of the main characters. It was a bit of a kamikaze endeavor, as I had no game plan and did one character at a time while watching the film. Thankfully they all lined up and nothing ended up too wonky! 

I'm still not the biggest Wonka fan, but I do enjoy Wilder's take on the character. I also despise Grandpa Joe immensely. Oye. 

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