Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Portal 2 - SPOILERS!

Yea... more Portal 2 stuff. Be warned, there are blatant, blatant spoilers in this post. So... you've been warned. 

Re: the final cut scene. I can see GLaDOS taking a page out of Ratigan's book: "Goodbye! So long! Farewell! Arrivederci!" Etc, etc, etc. Then, after making some off putting comment under her breath, she'd retreat back into the lab, dead-bolting the door with umpteen different locks.

I'm sure going through the stages of depression while floating in space for eternity, he'd sit in a huff in the anger stage for quite a while...

Poor dude. 

Oh to have random encounters between these two, post-Chell's departure. Wheatly would totally be a bit of a snot, making random bird calls when it's least expected. This of course would scare the pants right off GLaDOS. (Can you blame her?)

Oh, and the bit where he's yelling about not being a moron? Heartbreaking.


  1. I liked the art and organized way of numbering the posts ... cool !!