Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Range Day

Today my dad, grandpa, sister, my dad's friend, and I all went to a sportsman's club to use the shooting range. It was a blast! (No pun intended.)

It was my first time using a rifle, and while it was intimidating at first, it became fun fast. The first two I tried had a ton of kick-back, especially the latter.

One of my AR-15 targets, shooting from about 40 yards away. (Note: I sound so much more educated on the subject than I really am- trust me!)

Oh, so story time. While shooting was fun and all, it gets to be repetitive as you're constantly going to and fro to see where you hit. So repeat this short comic several times over and my feet are killing me. (Not to mention my shoulder, and my middle finger, etc.)

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