Thursday, October 6, 2011

Portal 2 Shenanigans

Last of the Portal 2 art I've done... I promise. Mild Portal 2 spoilers.

GLaDOS gets even. (That poor bird hanging around the lab will never have its eggs hatch.)

On a much more serious note: the news of Steve Jobs' passing is terribly sad. Granted, everyone knew it was coming- especially given him stepping down- but not nearly so soon. Then I think back to the video of his commencement speech at Stanford I watched a few months ago, and how the doctor who first diagnosed him had predicted he wouldn't last a few weeks let alone several years. Remarkable.

His ingenuity and drive for success was inspiring, and his vision of "simple and great" helped shape so much- from the computer I'm using to the industry I aspire to work in. He truly was the modern day Walt Disney, as Austin stated. There have been so many tweets, Facebook statuses, and blog posts about him and his legacy, and rightfully so. He'll be sorely missed.

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