Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Biggest Post Ever!

Dug this sketch out from a while back and played with it a bit. Anyway... my dad is on a Christmas movie spree, and that means the holiday ritual of watching Holiday Inn has arrived. I'm so ready for winter and the holidays!
The day after Thanksgiving, I ventured into the garage and dug out our Christmas decorations. (This in and of itself was a feat, as my garage terrifies me, but I digress.) Last year we bought a tree with built in lights, so half the hassle of putting the tree up was taken care of. Above are two of my favorite ornaments - the Rapunzel one I bought last week at Hallmark, while the Ariel I bought at the Disney Outlet store in Orlando last November. 

One of my favorite lifestyle/fashion blogs, Nicolette Mason, has done a series of wishlists, and it was only a matter of time before I fell victim to this trend. And if this isn't the strangest holiday wishlist - or wishlist in general - than I don't know what is! This mostly consists of things I've been eying for a while now, but for whatever reason haven't had time nor the chance (or money) to get it.

I found it somewhat therapeutic to do this! So despite how egotistical it may seem to round up material goods you long for, I recommend it. We all need "goals," am I right?

For curious minds... Or, in the chance the fam reads this! ;)

01. I'm a sucker for quilted bags lately. F21 02. Leopard print... my achilles heel. ASOS 03. Epic necklace is epic. And gorgeous. F21 04. Aren't they adorable? As part of the Glen Keane/Mark Henn animator collection. Ariel, Rapunzel 05. I'm probably the last person on Earth to buy/play this... In an attempt at being responsible I've forced myself to wait until after graduation before I do so. Amazon 06. What'd I say about leopard print? It's sad, really. F21 07. Sadly I wasn't able to see this in theaters, but owning the Art of book and the DVD works for me. Amazon 08. As of late, I'm really interested in color scripts. I chalk it up to sites like this and this. Amazon 09. If this isn't on your wishlist, you either have one, or you're lying to yourself. Apple 10. Don't judge. Amazon 11. I admit I didn't care for this season, but episodes like The Doctor's Wife and The Girl Who Waited (as well as my OCD, as I own the previous seasons) necessitate me getting this. Amazon 12. I actually have several art history books on my wishlist. It's so hard to choose just one! Amazon 13. If these are as cozy as they look, I'll take five. F21

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