Sunday, December 4, 2011

Capstone paper

After six(ish) weeks, my research paper is finally complete! I had the help of some amazing friends in terms of proofreading, and I can finally say it's finished! 17.5(ish) pages on the history of animation and where it's heading. Deep stuff, I know. It was so hard condensing it to such a short paper! Yet, I swear when I print it out it feels like a book.

I'm sorely tempted to pass it out to people on the train and downtown for all to read.

I also failed to mention the fact I bought stickers of my work! I used, and they turned out amazing. I only recently ordered my business cards, so they haven't come yet - priorities, I know - but I'm in love with these babies.

Sorry for the image quality - my phone is showing its age!

I'll have art coming along soon, I promise. School/work have been fighting for my time, and the stuff I do have I can't show yet.

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