Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last Life Drawing Day

Today was my last official day of classes. It was pretty bittersweet, really. It's funny: I've been looking forward to graduating for a while, and the finality of it is only now sinking in. I kept thinking of all the "last times" I had today. (Ex: Last time at the loop campus, last time using my CTA pass, last time using the open labs, last time getting caffeine from the Starbucks across the street, etc.)

I was running around getting signatures for my graduation release part of the day, but had the chance to sit in on the last day of life drawing with one of my favorite instructors.

I think the times were 10, 10, 10, 15. Apparently the last one is a yoga position called the mermaid. I can only dream of being that flexible! 

I'm super rusty, but it was a lot of fun heading back to ye'old life drawing room. That's definitely a "last time" I'm sad over. 

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