Friday, May 4, 2012

Influence Map Pt. II

In the spirit of yesterday's artist "evaluation," I wanted to revisit the Influence Map I made a while back. While most of those present on the old map are still very influential and inspiring to me, I felt I've grown a lot in terms of learning from and favoring a new slew of artists and themes. I did keep some from the old map, but for the most part there's a new haul of awesome work.

The list:

Glen Keane
J.W.M. Turner, art history
Chris Sanders
Traveling, Eurpope
Parks and Recreation
Paul Felix
Mary Cassatt, feminism
Craig Ferguson
Vera Brosgol
Doctor Who, "behind the scenes" work
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Vincent Van Gogh
Claire Hummel
Naughty Dog's Uncharted series
Valve's Portal series, Blue Sky (x, x)
Disney's Nine Old Men
Elsa Chang
Heather Campbell
Lily Fox
Lois Van Baarle
Lorelay Bove
Mary Blair

I know there's a ton I've missed in terms of things I'm inspired by or things I aspire to, but this was a healthy start. (My tumblr exists nearly for the sole purpose of reblogging awesome artwork and concept art, anyway.)

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