Monday, July 6, 2015

Sons of the Dragon

Sons of the Dragon was the first game I worked on at WMS late last year. Based on Chinese lore of a dragon with nine sons, we created two distinct games housed under the encompassing title. It was a lot of fun to delve into Chinese symbolism and mythology, utilizing various motifs and story assets in the game whenever we could. I definitely have a renewed sense of awe regarding ancient Chinese art!

Outside of designing the overarching logo, I contributed to Game of Dragons - a game inspired by the son Pixiu, a dragon who represents wealth and loyalty. It was quite daunting at times, as a lot of the assets were made from elements such as jade, gold, or even scales... Not the easiest of subjects to paint! But I had an amazing team that helped me learn and grow along the way. From painting techniques, to Photoshop shortcuts, to just popping over to see how I was holding up, they were always super supportive and eager to help. I couldn't have asked for a more fun project to hit the ground running on!

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