Monday, July 3, 2017


I love Bill, and will be super sad to see her go if this indeed the end.

While several previous companions only stayed for a season, I really would have loved to see Bill's character grow further, be it with Capaldi or the next in Doc in line. Once upon a time I recall Amy having a lot of terrible things thrown at her -- never ever ever will I be over that pregnancy plot line, uhg -- but man. Bill truly had a rough go. So many episodes and time spent alone and terrified, and while yes that's the norm in a sci-fi horror show I just wanted more Doctor/companion campy filler episodes of happiness and fluff. That's not asking a lot, right?

Overall I was super bummed with the finale, despite some interesting concepts and heartfelt moments here and there. Though really, loose ends and an intriguing premise with half baked resolutions are Moff's forte, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Okay, okay let's be real: that two parter needed 500% more Simm!Master.

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