Friday, December 14, 2012


I did this last year, and had time to kill today so figured I could make another wish list for the current holiday season! Granted, I've had my holiday shopping done since the first week of December, and the fam finished this past weekend. But it's still fun browsing the web for neat things for yourself.

Or, in most cases: things I've wanted for a while but can't afford at the moment.

The list:

1. A talking Vanellope Von Schweetz! How adorable is she?
2. Intuos5 (Medium)
3. Joseph Marc glasses
4. Setting the Scene
5. Silver Oxford flats
6. Charcoal Oxford flats
7. Chris Sanders Kiskaloo coffee mug
8. ASOS Oasis pink strap watch
9. Digimon (Season 1)
10. Parks and Recreation (Season 4)
11. Lois von Baarle's Cafe Presse print

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