Monday, October 7, 2013

Influence Map Pt. III

I've done this twice in the past now, and I adore the concept (hence the third installment). Spending an afternoon looking at artwork you admire, collecting favorites and compiling them to reference later? Don't mind if I do!

I'll be honest, a vast majority of these are centered around women - female artists, female characters, female role models, etc. The reason being, I'm very much drawn to media with strong female characters. Anyone who follows my Tumblr will spot quotes on feminism, representation in movies/shows, the failure of Hollywood to recognize women as a serious demographic, etc. This is something I've been more and more conscious of lately, and it definitely has filtered into what I'm drawn to and what I create.

The breakdown:

Glen Keane
Hermionie Granger (Re: Mary GrandPr√©'s US book illustrations)
Leslie Hung
Claire Hummel 
Genevieve Godbout
Legend of Korra
Awesome Ladies (Re: Queen Elizabeth II)
Steve Thompson
Mary Blair
Studio Ghibli
Wonder Woman
Naoko Takeuchi
Chris Sanders
Lorelay Bove
Brittney Lee
Alexander Wilson
Vera Brosgol
Walt Disney World
Lois Van Baarle 

These are all artists I highly respect and look up to on a daily basis. Other things are more abstract, as I'm highly influenced and inspired by things like traveling (airport bound or road trip, I love it all) or Walt Disney World (where I will one day be an annual pass holder, I promise you).

Many of these have carried over, not only from the previous map, but the first map as well. But that doesn't necessarily negate the others, as I still have the previous two pined up in my workspace. Now I just have to make space for this one!

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